Having an emergency roadside assistance plan provides a level of comfort while operating your vehicle and can be a big help when you run out of gas, get a flat tire or encounter the many other things that can happen while traveling on the way to work, going shopping or just leisure. Any State Patrol would tell you that in most areas, it is dangerous to have your car become disabled, especially in high traffic areas. You need to be able to call for assistance and receive a quick response, in the event that you need a tow, some fuel, a tire change and other types of roadside assistance.To get more information try out here,wrecker service corpus christi.

Just consider how valuable these benefits would be, if you are involved in an accident when you are 100 miles from home. You need to consider the cost to get back on the road. You might need a tow, a place to stay for the evening, food and even alternate transportation, especially, if car repairs will take more than a day. These expenses could cost you hundreds of dollars, not including the car repairs. Most people that travel longer distances to work only carry a small amount of cash with them and rely on their card for unexpected expenses. But they are usually not prepared for the out of pocket costs related with having car problems and what it takes to get back on the road. Sometimes, there are injuries related to your car becoming disabled and some minor outpatient medical attention is needed. Let’s face it, this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day, but with our busy life styles, any part of these things cost us money and adds stress to our lives. One thing that people can do is to sign-up for a low-cost Roadside assistance plan that can pay for itself throughout the year. The average cost of being towed can range from $40 to $75 each time and many Auto clubs limit the number of times they can respond to you on an annual membership.

The good news is there are membership plans available from a National company, that has been in business since 1956, has maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since 1989 and has over 12 million customers. They offer a full-service Emergency roadside assistance plan, but go way beyond, by providing up to $100 reimbursement for an ER and Urgent Care visits or for an Office visit to your Family doctor, as a result of an auto accident. They also provide reimbursements of travel expenses if your car becomes disabled due to an accident, when you are over 100 miles from home to cover typical expenses like: Hotel, food, alternate transportation. And they extend the benefits even further, by paying you $150 for each day that you are laid up in the Hospital as a result of an auto accident (up to 400 days). In fact, one of their plans puts cash in your pocket for ANY kind of injuries from an accident at Home, Work or Play. Since this is NOT insurance, you get the cash reimbursements even if you have other medical coverage. That’s a pretty good deal and the monthly plans start at less than 40 cents a day. You should consider the benefits.

A good company to consider for a fantastic roadside assistance plans is National Motor Club. They offer three affordable plans to choose from starting at $11 per month. NMC puts cash back in your pocket in the form of reimbursements for many expenses that you may incur for medical bills from accidents and Travel assistance when you need it, when you are over 100 miles from home. Beginning on March 1, 2013, they have added CVS ExtraCare Health card for 20% discounts on over-the-counter items like: vitamins, cough medicine, allergy medicine, pain relievers, etc.

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